Alex Frecker of Frecker Farms here in Carpinteria is only 29 years old and has been farming on his own for the last 5 years.  He was trained by John Givens in Goleta as a young boy.  Alex was inspired by the life John built for himself and the opportunities that would come from farming.  He recognized that running his own farm was the right choice for him and with John's blessing, they parted ways. Alex bought a tractor, a disk and some shovels with all the money he had ever saved and signed the lease on a 1 acre property in Carpinteria.  His first farm was on Rincon Rd. and since then he's grown a bit and he's taken over one of the last large remaining agriculture lands left in Carpinteria.  Alex grows pretty much everything you can imagine and more. He's passionate about testing new boutique crops like passion fruit and even organic hops to sell to local breweries. When I asked him how he does it he said, "It's a lifestyle and it's rewarding."


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