Hi, my name is Katherine Lesh.  My husband Jason and I own the Farm Cart in down town Carpinteria, California, where we sell the freshest, best organic fruits and vegetables daily from our chic little heritage farm wagon.  My family has been farming organically in Santa Barbara County since 1973, as Shepherd Farms.  I was raised in my father’s fields, at his Farmer’s market stands, and at the Farm Cart, which my parents passed on to me in 2012.  Nowadays, my husband and I are raising our children in the same way.  We have our our own small farm, raise chickens, and use bio-dynamic farming practices in the fields to produce the best fruit and vegetables. Of coarse we outsource a lot of other fruits and vegetables to provide an abundant selection for our farm stand & our farm boxes. The farmers are always organic and mostly hyper local.

Organics is a commitment.  A commitment that my Father, Tom Shepherd, has instilled in me.  It is a commitment that we are passing on to our children and a passion that we can hopefully enliven in you.  Please join us, come shop with us at our Farm Cart at 5103 Carpinteria Avenue, join one of our membership programs, and take advantage of our inside knowledge of our regions best seasonal organic fruit and vegetable growers. 

Xo, Katherine and Jason