The Farm Cart Crew Takes a Field Trip!

I still love field trips, do you?

The Farm Cart Crew just took an EPIC fieldtrip!


My dad, Tom Shepherd, has a farm up in Gaviota (but pretty much Buelton) and is the farmer for 'Folded Hills.' They have a farm stand, animals, and a rocking u-pick area. We ate a big salad, chips & guac, hung out with Honey the cow, then Tom gave us a tour. The point of our field trip was to get our team familiar with our farmers. They hear SO MUCH about where and who grows our stuff, but they've never actually been to the farms. It was so awesome for them to see for themselves! We enjoyed picking tomatoes, cucumbers & peppers. Then we sprayed ourselves down with the hose. It was so hot!

kale salad.jpg
farm 1 group.jpg
tom farm.jpg

Meet Honey.

*Also find 'folded hill' on instagram. They have a cool scene up there!

*Also find 'folded hill' on instagram. They have a cool scene up there!


2. Stop #2 John Givens Farm Stand

Our second stop was at John Givens farm in Buelton where they have an honor stand and sell veggies, fruits (like these blackberries) eggs, and honey- WOW! Everything they sell is from thier farm and it was basically RAD. Katie got eggs. Bodhi got blackberries and it was a good time. We could spend days drooling over John Given's plants and how healthy they are. Look at these fricken’ cucumber plants!

farm 1.jpg
bodhi farm 2.jpg


On route to Sunrise Organic Farm. Kids fell asleep.

Also, look guys. Real time here. Life happens and kale is going to get in your teeth at some point so just embrace it. I've got 2 sleeping kids and life's good. So here's me embracing kale in my teeth.

kale farm 2.jpg

Stop #3: Sunrise Organic Farm

When we got to Sunrise the boys had just harvested fresh potatoes, and we watched how they cleaned them. What’s not to love about potatoes?!? My go-to is cutting them up, roasting them, and tossing in a cilantro lemon sauce. Yum!

potatoes farm 3.jpg

This is Chuy from Sunrise Farm, looking foxy and working hard!

chuy farm 3.jpg

Stop #4: Our final farm stop- Alcantar Organics

Alcantar organics is pretty awesome all around. We love the produce we get from them including our cherry tomatoes and huge beautiful heads of romaine.

jason romaine.jpg



Yup. We like veggies but we also like pizza. Bonus if it's made with farm fresh ingredients like our friends at Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos. If you haven't gone up there PLEASE DO IT. You won't regret it. Get the date, bacon, arugula pizza and enjoy.

pizza 2.jpg
pizza 1.jpg