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Steve Sprinkel


Steve Sprinkel has been farming since 1975 all over California and once had a farm in Hawaii. When the original Whole Foods opened up in Austin Texas, they asked Steve to be their contract farmer. So he moved out there and started a farm. Surprisingly he said farming in Texas was a lot like farming here! Except the land is a lot cheaper of coarse. Eventually he started to miss surfing and moved back. In 2001 him and his wife opened Farmer and the Cook. Farmer and the Cook is this AMAZING farm to table restaurant in Ojai. Most of what is on the menu is organic and grown just around the corner at their small 15 acre farm. They offer clean, healthy snacks & entrees with a Mexican spin on the menu items. They also have smoothies, juices and pastries. There is a small bulk grain section, produce section, salad bar, and pantry goods.


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