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This week you have spinach, watermelon, cucumber, and zucchini’s in your box from this handsome fella. Chuy Salas is an awesome dude farming on 100 acres in Buellton with his dad under the name Sunrise Organics. He has been a favorite of ours. Not just because the ladies are so pumped on him, but because he is such a genuine good dude. Sunrise Organics has grown a lot in the past 3 year. After my dad left his forty five acre farm in Carpinteria, Chuy was one of the three farmers that took over the land. That was his first experience at farming. However farming is in his blood being the son of Jesus, the foreman to John Givens’s operation. He knows about quality, good farming practices and how to run a good business. Since that farm’s takeover Chuy has grown from farming ten acres to over 100. And Chuy’s responsibilities have grown infinitely with that growth, but his smile and commitment to bringing ultra healthy produce has never wavered.

It’s been super hot this week at Chuy’s farm and we want to give you a heads up on the cucumber beetle bite holes in his spinach. The heat is giving the cucumber beetles the perfect conditions that they need to multiply aggressively with a late season breeding cycle push. We will be seeing the effects of this in our kales and spinaches until the night time temperatures cool down below 50. As fellow organic farmers, we appreciate seeing these marks, this is par for the course and honestly something that we appreciate. It shows that our growers aren’t resorting to using the solutions that exist to kill the beetles, because then we would not want to eat the food they are growing.

With all of that said, bug bites are something we are down for. Moldy fruit, wilty lettuce, and soggy strawberries are things we aren’t. So, make sure you always reach out to us when things like that slip thru the cracks so we can take good care of you.


Some beautifully trellised Sugar snap peas. Can’t wait to see these in our boxes.

Some beautifully trellised Sugar snap peas. Can’t wait to see these in our boxes.

Sun Gold tomatoes coming soon.

Sun Gold tomatoes coming soon.


Last week I didn’t get too many recipes for our recipe exchange but we got some! Here they are! http://www.farmcartorganics.com/recipe-exchange

Grilled Eggplant & Smoked Mozzarella Melts

Baba Ghanoush