Summer Rolls

By: Stephanie Hernandez




1. Cook rice vermicelli in boiling water for 8 min.

2. Boil water separately for the rice roll paper

3. While vermicelli is cooking prep all veggies and cut into thin strips

4. Once vermicelli is cooked, strain and wash under cold water to cool down.

5. Dip rice paper in dish with water - only enough to dampen it. The water will continue to soften the paper so you have to work fast!

6. lay out moistened roll on a plate big enough to hold it.

7. Start assembling your roll-starting with vermicelli on the bottom. I like to add some sweet chili sauce on the noodles, Then adding veggies on top. I like adding my lettuce last. Make sure the filling is centered on the dampened rice paper.

8. Once you’ve added all your fillings, you’ll grab the end of the roll closest to you and fold over the middle. Next you’ll take the bottom and fold it up. Then you’ll continue to roll away from you to the top. I like leaving the top open so the lettuce sticks out.

9. Serve with sweet chili sauce and enjoy!

*I like adding mango for a sweet kick. Feel free to play around with the veggies and even adding shrimp! This is a great way to use up your veggies.

Rice paper rolls

Rice vermicelli noodles

Cucumber, sliced thin *

Red pepper, sliced thin *

Carrots, sliced thin *

Mango, sliced thin

Avocado, sliced thin

Lettuce, stacked and cut vertically into strips

Thai sweet chili sauce

Mint leaves