Food Storing!

This should be a simple guide to help you keep your veggies their best for longer.


Kale- wrap kale in a wet paper towel or dish towel and put in crisper. Should last 10 days.

Beets- you should remove the beets from the tops and put the beets in the fridge crisper. Wait! Before you throw away those tops did you know that beet greens are one of the MOST nutritious greens out there? Wrap the greens in a wet paper towel and put in the crisper as well.

Cauliflower- put cauliflower head in a loose plastic bag with a paper towel inside to absorb any extra moisture. Cauliflower should last 4-7 days. May brown just a little and that is ok! 

Citrus- citrus can be left on the counter OR can be thrown in the fridge. 

Cilantro- when you get home trim the cilantro stems just a little bit. Then put the bunch of cilantro in a small cup with water. Then put a plastic bag over the leaves. Should last 10 days. 

Avocado- well avocados can be tricky. You want to eat avocados when they're black and give a little to the touch. But they're not always picked that way. So when you get your avocado and it's green you can leave it on your counter to ripen or put it in a dark cabinet. Try putting them in a brown paper bag in a dark cabinet to speed up the ripening process :)

Carrots- carrots do best in a wet environment. When you get home remove the stems (you can eat them, try carrot top pesto). Then rinse the carrots in cold water. Then put your carrots in a Tupperware or glass container with a half inch of water on the bottom of the container. Carrots should last a very long time!

Apples- Apples can just be left on your counter in the fruit bowl. Or thrown in the fridge. Up to you!

Strawberries- Ok guys, here’s the funny one. Don’t get your strawberries. AKA don’t wash them, you don’t need to! If you absolutely insist on washing them please please make sure they are very dry! Then put them in Tupperware of a glass container and put them in the fridge.

Zucchini- Zucchinis should be put in the fridge.

Lettuce- lettuce should be wrapped in a wet paper towel or dish towel and put in the crisper. It will keep fresh at least 10 days.

Jalapeno- Jalapeños can be tossed in the crisper. It will last around 2 weeks. Don’t worry if it gets a little soft, it is still good and will still be great!

Onion- Dried onions can be left on the counter. Keep them out of direct sunlight and make sure they don’t get wet.

Grapes- Grapes will keep the best if they’re kept in a perforated bag and stored in the fridge. If you need them to perk up a bit try running them under some cold water and dry them and put them back in the fridge.

Peppers- Peppers can be stored in the crisper.

Cauliflower- Cauliflower can be put in a plastic bag and put in the fridge.

Watermelon- Watermelon can be left on the counter or stick it in the fridge!

Sweet Potatoes- You can put sweet potatoes on the counter out of direct sunlight.

Spinach- Spinach is super tender so try to use right away! If you can’t eat it right away it’s best if you rinse it with cold water and then chop up the leaves and put it in an air tight container and stick it in the crisper.

Chard- Chard is similar to spinach, use it right away! But if you can’t rinse it with cold water and chop it up and put it in an air tight container.

Bok Choy- Put in a plastic bag in the crisper section of your refrigerator for up to a week.

Cabbage- The easiest way to store cabbage is to just put it in the crisper and it will last for a very long time (literally a month). The top layer might look a little sad but you an peel it back and it will be totally perfect under that! Add cabbage to salads for an extra crunch!

Potatoes- Potatoes are happiest when they are stored in a cool dark spot.

Sugar snap peas- These cuties hold up the best when they are in a plastic bag in the fridge. Take the air out by sucking it shut!

Leeks- Leeks can be put in your fridge.

Dill- Chop an inch off the stems of the dill. Place in a cup of water with a plastic bag on the leaves. Put in the fridge. You can do this with all herbs! It should last about a week!

Pea Shoots- These precious greens should be eaten sooner. They can be wrapped in a damp kitchen towel and put in your crisper. Will last about 5 days. Top on any salads!