$18 farm boxes delivered to a convenient pick up location near you.

Farm Cart Organics strives to provide an amazing $18 farm box filled with only the best organic, freshest produce. We only source from farmers that are certified organic or use 100% organic farming practices. As the seasons change the boxes change but typically you will find enough contents to make a salad, a side vegetable, a bunch of greens, an allium, multiple snacking fruits and a root crop. On Fridays we email our members and let them know the contents of their next box. From there they can add to their box and select from our small add on store where we offer breads, granolas and other organic local limited items. On the day of your box delivery our weekly blog email will provide you with recipe ideas on how to use your box. We can't show you how simple & easy it is to eat fresh & organic. Give it a try & cancel anytime.