If you’ve ever walked thru the Santa Barbara farmers market, you’ve probably noticed BD or at least his beautiful large display of exotic herbs, many different kinds of fruits and veggies, some wild flowers and very friendly staff. BD has been farming since 1973. He said that he started farming because he “didn’t surf” and needed something to do. He fell in love with the earth and was inspired to make farming work for himself as an income. Originally, he farmed many small pieces of land mostly in Carpinteria. Then in 2004, BD purchased a 10 acre property in Ojai.

For those of you that have been getting a farm box for a while now, BD is new to you. It wasn’t until a month or so ago that we partnered up and I started sourcing from him. So yesterday I visited his farm in Ojai for the first time. I can’t even really describe how magical it was. I’ve never really seen a farm layed out the way BD’s farm is. Hes has vegetables planted in between Ojai Pixies. He has wild flowers growing everywhere and random big fruit trees like figs and mulberries hidden in little spots. The ground feels so magical and well taken care of out there and his beds feel hand worked & weeded. BD’s seemed so happy and stoked and really enjoyed what they did.

I was lucky to be able to ask BD some questions about his career and how he got started, what’s the most difficult problem he encounters, and why he still does it. BD is the true definition in living in harmony with earth. “Organic is a lifestyle, it’s an attitude towards living on this planet that offers so much. Not only are you putting a product that’s more pure into our system, you’re supporting the whole line of solidarity with people that are all working towards that same common goal.” He says the hardest part of farming is dealing with Mother Nature. You have to give up control and let things go sometimes. BD has found some ways around his pest issues but it continues to be a problem. If you haven’t seen our video on Instagram yet, please take 30 seconds to watch the video above!

This week, we got our basil from BD but will continue purchasing small bits here and there when he has extra to sell to us. If you ever see this cutie at the farmers market make sure to give him a “hi” and purchase an herb or two. You’ll love it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.12.13 PM.png

How to store basil!

The best way to store basil is to put it in a glass of water and leave on your counter. It smells amaze and it’ll last at least a week!