Hi everyone!

We are approaching the best time of the year for food. There is so much in season! And right now, it’s really rad to watch new items pop up each week. Only a month ago we were pretty deep in winter greens and suddenly, week after week we’re seeing really exciting produce, like peaches, nectarines, apricots and more! What do you think of when you think of summer produce and what memories do you have? Warm summer dinners outside and shucking corn with my dad are awesome memories that remind me of the great things associated with food.

When it comes to summer produce, I feel like for the most part you can eat things raw! But let’s not forget about all those rad summer recipes that we love! I follow a ton of awesome food bloggers all over everywhere and I put together my favorites so you can cruise into summer with so much inspo! I love these bloggers because they are plan based (I do eat chicken & fish but because we focus on veggies, plant based makes the most sense to share), they have GORGEOUS photos, use clean ingredients, and their recipes are relatively simple. Most of these bloggers have their recipes broken down by season which is always great & helpful! There are literally thousands and thousands of food bloggers in the world right now but I wanted to just share my top 10 with you! I hope you get inspired to find new recipes and follow new food bloggers.

 Alright folks, now that you have so many food bloggers and recipes to check ima leave you be. Have a great week!

Maybe I feel like I relate to them the most because they have two young kids. No jk, but she really cares about local farms and eating in season. That’s why I love their blog, recipes and overall concept. Eating should be simple.

This young super cutie family is also really great. Again, the focus on healthy, wholesome recipes that anyone would find delicious. These guys also have a ton of recipe videos which wins us all over right?

I just adore this woman! Her take on food is deeper than a bite. It’s a connection to the earth, and creating memories around food.

Sarah is a holistic nutricionist and certified nutrition practitioner. Thru her experience in school, Sarah wanted to create a blog where everyone can take away a piece of what she had learned about holistic nutrition.

If you don’t already know this woman, you should! She’s a rad farmer in Oregon and dedicates her “side time” to creating awesome recipes. She uses mostly ingredients she grows herself.

HA! ohh Thug Kitchen. I actually haven’t figured out how these people are but they are HILARIOUS. They’re tag line is “verbally abusing you into a healthier diet.” They do curse a lot but I find it hilarious. They’re recipes are known for being extremely flavorful and sort of with an asian twist! Right up my ally!

Love and lemons was the first food blog I followed. And I feel like I’ve been cheating on them following so many others! Her and her husband live in Texas, are farmers market goers and make really beautiful food. Everything usually has a splash of lemon!

Dolly and Oatmeal is pretty great. She lives just down in Los Angeles and I’ve always wanted to meet her. So far, bribing her to come up to our farm hasn’t worked lol!

Don’t let the name fool you, she does more than make cookies. Kate is this cutie who likes food and believes recipes should be simple and FLEXIBLE. So change up a recipe if you need to!

Smitten kitchen is also a pretty funny food blog. Are you ready for this, she eats meat! So there are meat recipes on her blog! The way she breads down ingredients is super helpful.