Lindsey + John


Guys I am so excited to share with you two very special people that hold a special place in our hearts: John and Lindsey Hoadley. These lovebirds got married last fall and are expecting a baby this summer. We’ve known Lindsey for forever when Jason and I first met and we were all sharing an office space together. Lindsey owns her own small clothing line called Mothersun and the Captain. She is an artist, a lover for the ocean and her wild ocean partner (John) is an urchin diver right here in our channel. Their love for the environment, the anti-plastic movement, and love for veggies is why we love them. They are so real & authentic. We’ve been planning a dinner at their house for a while now and were so excited to come over last weekend!

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Last October at Lindsey’s bridal shower, I learned that her and John’s favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world is….. a kale salad! So of coarse I was so excited when Lindsey and John were going to make a kale salad for dinner. To compliment it, John BBQed some organic tri tip and we roasted some sweet potatoes. Also we cannot forget this-- BBQ roasted garlic that John insisted on making ha! To be honest, I never roast garlic and he was right, this ‘boat snack’ was a treat!

Lindsey likes to describe this kale salad as easy to make and flavorful. Yet it’s basic enough to wear you can dress it up however you want. And the best part about it is that you probably have all the ingredients at home. Kale, avocados, lemons and parmesan cheese is all you need for this awesome salad (scroll down for the recipe).

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While watching Linds make the kale salad I learned such a great trick! She tore the ribs from the middle. DUH! This whole time and 1,353 bunches later I’ve been cutting the ribs out the middle and let me just tell you, it’s worth it but it takes for damn ever! Lindsey also used a wooden spoon to mash the avos into her kale instead of massaging it. Both works fineand I would always recommend doing either or if you’re going to make a kale salad. It makes the kale leaves so much softer!

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Massaged Kale Salad

Makes salad for 3-4 people

3 bunches lacinato kale

2 large avos or 3 small ones

Juice of one lemon

1 cup parmesan cheese


  1. Remove rib from kale. Cut leaves into one inch pieces and wash if you want. Dry the leaves and put in a bowl.

  2. Add avocado to the kale and with a wooden spoon, start smashing! Smash & mix for about 5-7 minutes or until the leaves become tender.

  3. Add the lemon juice and toss.

  4. Grate the parmesan cheese and toss.

*I think this salad is awesome because you can change it around, and add items depending on the season. I was telling Linds how incredible that salad would be with pomegranate seeds! And then we decided that it could be good with so many other things! Nuts, apples and more…

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Dinner was awesome. While eating, we talked about their pregnancy, and how Lindsey has been taking extra good care of herself. She is in the middle of writing a blog post about sustainability with kiddos and what she does to reduce waste, eat organic foods to ensure the best for her and her children. Be sure to check out her website Mothersun and the Captain soon to see it! And if you don’t already follow her on instagram you should check her out to see all the yummy thing she makes with HER FARM BOX @mothersunandthecaptain.