Hey veg friends,

How’s it? This week you are getting a short & sweet email. We just finished up packing our boxes this week and I feel like ninja typing this out. As you all know it has been insanely rainy. It has been the perfect amount of rainfall to prevent debris flow yet enough run off to fill our lakes. I think we’re definitely out of drought now! Jason and I have actually been really wanting to go up to Lake Cachuma and see how it’s doing but the 154 has been closed.

One thing that is so SO hard this time of year though is enough production for farmers, and especially when it rains this much. This time of year is challenging for a lot of them and the struggle is really real. There is limited amount of product, the variety they do get is weak and with this much rain, their fields are too muddy to get as much done as they need to. When you’re dealing with muddy fields you can’t drive a tractor to disk, rip and prepare the ground for the next planting. If you are lucky enough to plant or transplant there is a worry that the next rain could wash away the seeds. Yesterday Jason was on the phone with Alex (fracker farms) and Alex was saying how difficult it’s been in the past few months. Since starting his farm 5 years ago this has been the hardest two months. With so much rain people are not showing up to farmers market so his sales are down and he’s also experiencing extreme frost.

So here is the point of this email. We’re so INCREDIBLY thankful for YOU. Where your spending your dollars is helping us, helping your local farmers, and getting their workers thru these tough months. This is what a Farm Box Subscription service is about … supporting your community, eating local food, and enjoying what is grown here. By getting a box each week you’re ensuring these farmers are getting paid. I know, by know you’re all dying to see a basket of strawberries and that’s only a month or so away. But for now you’re all being super rad, making a big difference, and doing something healthy for yourself at the same time.

Thank you! And a thank you from these guys below.

Also, please tag us in your instagram pics! We LOVE seeing what you’re making. Here we are: @farmcartorganics

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