WE HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR RAIN! And it is here.. A little at least. And more is on the way! The plants and the soil are stoked.

Here’s a little teaser of what is loving this colder, wetter weather.


Strawberries. The best strawberries are in early spring and Alex Frecker’s strawberries are coming in full force. The field is looking good. Really good, and they are a few good rains and some warm spring winds away from going nuts. As Chandler will profess from her early season sampling they are good, good, good, and super sweet. He has really gotten his soil and plant nutrition dialed in this year since his compost program came into full steam a few months back. All of his produce are showing that full-flavored deep, nutritious beauty that goes along with using good compost. You guys will be super pumped, shortly. Hold on for this one. You have truly never had a strawberry before…..


As long as Chandler doesn’t hijack everything first. Ha!


Carrots… Oh how the carrots are loving these cold nights and rainy periods. There is nothing better than a winter carrot. I am not an agriculture scientist but I believe that carrots, beets, broccoli, kale, and cabbage do not truly convert the sugars in their cell walls until the night time temperatures get below 50 degrees, because there is something magical that happens to these guys during these cold nights.

Carrots become like candy, beets become super sugary, kale loses all trace of bitterness, and broccoli and cabbage just become that beautiful version of themselves that we always know is there.


Spring is coming right around the corner, but is still important to realize that winter is tough on our growers. The daylight is short and production is low for everyone. We need to do everything we can to help them this time of year. Don’t go to the super markets for anything fruit or vegetable. Either come to us, or go to the farmer’s markets and spread your love and money to the guys and gals that work hard all year round. Our growing local organic farm scene will forever be appreciative of your support. We love you all and hope you had an awesome New Years and that you are enjoying this bit of rain as much as we are.


Jason, Katherine, Chandler, and Bodhi Lesh.

p.s. If you know anyone on the fence about getting a farm box, send them this code: celebrate , for 25% for 4 boxes as a little carrot to dangle in front of them for their New Years New you goals.