Hi friends. Well today was the last time we packed boxes for 2018, which is just so weird that we’re at the end of the year already. Thank you thank you thank you for this year. Honestly, this year was a crazy one this year we watched the boxes grow, A LOT. And with that we have some very exciting news that we’ve been working on! But you have to wait for a few weeks to find out! Just as a remind, we will NOT be delivering boxes at all next week, 12/25 & 12/26. But, we are still wondering about New Years Day and it’s still up in the air. We want to hear from YOU! We’re leaning towards that we will be packing boxes on New Years day but what do you think? If you do now want a box New Years Day will you please log into your account and ‘HOLD’ the delivery so we can get a better idea. Ok, awesome friends.

So last week ya’ll learned that my dad, Tom Shepherd, finally received word that he got his Organic Certification. We’ve been waiting for it patiently in the mail and are so happy he finally has it in his hands. What an accomplishment! If you didn’t read about why the certification process is so important to us we highly recommend reading our email last week. You can click the button below to find it. And guys, if you’re at the farmers market ever please give this guy a high five and congratulate him on becoming a certified organic farmer. Way to go T-Shep!