Jason and me with our farm boxes at LinkedIn in Carpinteria

Jason and me with our farm boxes at LinkedIn in Carpinteria

Hi friends. Before you jump into another life changing email we would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you took our 5 minute survey. We are doing our best to understand our own business and one of our biggest mysteries is find out who all our people are. Running an online business is awesome but I have no idea who you guys are besides the obvious that ya’ll love vegetables and good food. This survey is completely confidential and we’d really appreciate it. And no worries if you’re not feeling it. We get it, you’re busy!

Here we are again, another fabulous Tuesday! I’m hoping your farm box will be a fun little surprise for you today. It still amazes me how quickly the seasons change. This summer flew by and the the summer produce went along with it! Last week I went on and on about removing lots of summer items from our add on store. We had to say bye to melons, tomatoes, shishitos & more. Hopefully we’ll still have our beloved cucumbers, zucchini and berries for a few more weeks.

For this week’s email I’m excited to share a side of the business that we really never really talk about: corporate farm boxes. You guys have probably seen some of our drop points on our website and know that we deliver to huge businesses like Amazon, LinkedIn, Procore and more. But we also deliver farm boxes to smaller businesses. A workplace box program is a low-cost way of contributing to your company's wellness and sustainability goals, and shows employees you really care. Many businesses are treating workplace farm boxes like a new employee benefit. Our program is a great way to bring fresh food into the workplace of any size. Our flexible program is easy for businesses to implement and LOVED by employees & their employers. Some businesses subsidize the cost of the farm boxes and others offer a wellness program that for x amount of dollars you spend on boxes it’ll deduct the cost on your medical insurance. There’s lots of ways to make our program great!

If you work somewhere where you think our boxes would be a great edition to the work environment send us an email! And if you know somebody who you think would enjoy this at their work send them our info! Farm Cart Organics handles all admin work (similar to it now). The businesses only responsibility is to provide a convenient shady pick up spot for us to off load our boxes and a commitment from 10 people. Let’s get the ball rolling on this friends! This is going to be great.

Yum dude. How good does these lettuce wraps look? It uses the romaine in this week’s box & the cilantro! What what! It has so much flavor and makes the best leftovers. To the right is a vegetarian recipe. Down below is a recipe with chicken. We highly recommend you make one of them. And if you do tag us in it! @farmcartorganics

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