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Hi everyone!

We have some super exciting news! We just signed a lease on a 2-3 acre small farm in Carpinteria. We’re farmers again!!

It’s been one heck of a seven year journey and if you haven’t been following along for some time you might be confused if we even farm! I would be too! When we started our business in 2012 we used to harvest every single morning at my father’s farm in Carpinteria (now home of Frecker Farms). After six months of The Farm Cart being open, my dad decided to downsize and farm just five acres in Buellton. During that time we were scrambling to source our produce so we reached out to the farmers we knew from farmers market. That’s when we developed a deep relationship with John Givens, Jose Alcantar, Jesus Salas, Alex Frecker and Steve Sprinkel. They supported us for the next few years and in 2014 Jason and I broke ground on a one acre farm in Carpinteria. At the same time, we were also expecting our first child Chandler and we were also in the middle of the worst drought we’ve ever seen here in California.

We were farming for about 1.5 years on our small farm in Carpinteria. With a little one on the way and water rates going up we decided to back off from farming. Although it’s rad to grow your own produce, it wasn’t the right timing for us. So during these years we took a step back, visited lots of farms with our precious daughter and watched the other side of our business be born, our farm boxes.

From 2016-till now, Jason’s been the Garden Farmer at Pacifica University here in town. There is a one acre garden there where he grows various crops that feeds the students at Pacifica. Jason grows lettuces, kale, chard, broccolini, tomatoes, wild flowers and tends the orchard. Although we aren’t able to sell what we grow there or put it in the boxes it’s been awesome getting the experience of small market gardening, learning about plants, plant cycles, and knowing your feeding many students.

After a few months of putting the word out there that we’re looking for land the perfect small farm finally came up in Carpinteria. The farm is right to the north of The Bluffs, and right above Tee Time. It has ocean views from every spot on it and we’re sharing the land with an awesome 86 year old man named Johannas. The ground is just perfect for what we need right now and we’re so happy to finally soon be putting OUR OWN produce in our boxes! We can’t wait to share the journey with ya’ll!

Our goal is to one day provide most of the produce that goes into our farm boxes and that we sell on the farm cart. That’s a pretty ambitious goal though but you never know what will happen! We had no idea our little wagon on the corner in Carp would get us to this point! We’re just so excited to select new varieties of produce that we don’t see when we source from other farmers. Now that we’re farming we have full control of what we grow, we can be more on top of quality and your boxes are only going to get better! We can’t wait for this journey!! xoxo Katie & Jason

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