This is John Givens. It’s honestly taken us five years to get a picture of him so this picture is worth a lot.

Let’s just start off by saying by saying how much of an incredible farmer we think he is. John has taken some time to get to know, but lately he’s let us into his world and we actually think he’s pretty RAD. Not only is John a very successful business man, he is very loved by his team. Everyone that works for John loves him and that is something to be said.

John has numerous farm properties. His main property is on Ward Dr. in Goleta right off of Hollister. His cool climate right by the beach is perfect for growing his winter greens, perfect carrots and his HUGE green house that grows the best winter tomatoes and cucumbers. His main farm on Ward Dr. is 45 acres and is home to his the cooler climate things. His property in Buellton that is mostly farmed by his children is home to his summer melons, outdoor tomatoes, cucumbers, corn that we’re so stoked on, bell peppers, and basil. The property in Buellton also has the cutest honor farm stand around where they sell their fresh produce, eggs, jams, honeys and more. I highly recommend checking it out next time you’re out there.

We started working with John Givens about two years after starting our business. We immediately fell in love with the produce that came off his farm. His love for plants was obvious and really shows. John takes that extra step in the growing process by making sure all of his plants are well loved. John starts his own plants (picture way down below) which for you that don’t know, this means that you grow a plant from a seed in a transplant tray. When it’s a more mature age you transplant it to the ground. Then John has a crazy composting system so you know the plants are being grown in only the healthiest soil. And in the end, John’s quality is just insane. We can always count on him to have the best looking stuff!

John has produce in all the raddest places. He sells directly to Whole Foods, he’s in all of the farmers markets including Los Angeles’s and further down south, they have their own CSA, sell to lots of restaurants and more. We are working on a John Givens video that we can’t wait to share with ya’ll!

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Harissa Sweet

Potato Hash

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Sweet Potato Burger